Micro Core
Since its beginning, MicroTrend has been managed by its Core Values. They shape the tradition and define the character of our company. They direct us how we behave and make decisions.

Our core competency is to provide effective and customized cutting edge technical and outsourcing solutions. Our team of certified technical and outsourcing specialists have each over 7 years of technology and outsourcing experience.

Leadership: Strengthening our roles as information leaders in our organizations and in our communities, including shaping information policy.

Service: Responding to our clients needs, adding qualitative and quantitative value to information services and products.

Innovation and Continuous Learning: Embracing innovative solutions for the enhancement of services and intellectual advancement within the profession.

Results and Accountability: Delivering measurable results in the information economy and our organizations. The Association and its members are expected to operate with the highest level of ethics and honesty.

Collaboration and Partnering: Providing opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate, and partner within the information industry and the business community